UA and Nike

I was out at the local Nike store this weekend and was talking to the rep there. One thing I have noticed lately is the HUGE amount of pub that UA has been getting. They are definitely catching the attention of athletes that I would say fit the same target demographic as Nike.

They have a very similar feel to me. Unlike Reebok or many of the other big brands, UA seems to have captured the illusion that with their product you will perform better…or along a similar vein…great athletes use EA.

Is UA setting themselves up to usurp a significant amount of market share from Nike?

I think that Under Armour has come a long way from spandex shirts but I don’t think that they’ll be catching up to Nike in a while. The biggest reason I say that is the fact that UA is owned by Geneva Watches. When was the last time you said damn Geneva Watches has some great design. That’s the difference… sitting in Beaverton, Or is a campus full of some of the best designers in the world.

This isn’t to say that there aren’t good designers working for UA (consultants or in house) but they just don’t have the R&D capabilities that Nike does. Nike couples that R&D with great marketing like few companies can. Right now UA just has some great ads.

That said it is impressive how much UA team sponsorship you see these days. And I think that the market share that UA has gobbled up is significant but not to the vast and diverse market place that Nike owns.

Really interesting observation. Did Nike/reeebok lose licensing aggrements to UA? Who started UA?

to my knowledge UA was started by a couple of University of Maryland graduates.

I did not know that. I think their products are great but they always make me feel fat. I suppose that they are made for fit people.

What I really do like in Nike that they allowed you to design your shoes any name on it ….