U.S. Govt declares permanent ownership of internet

Guess they had second thoughts, the core internet DNS servers were scheduled to go international in 2006, not anymore.

from the second link you’ve posted:

The vision of a US-controlled internet infrastructure will be anathema to large parts of the world however and it is a demonstration of the US administration’s failure to think globally that it doesn’t recognise that there is surprisingly little preventing other parts of the world from creating a second Internet outside of US control.

china is making a second internet called the silk road, of course after they roll out the new platform to replace windows.

i guess the vehicle comes before the road in the cyberworld as well!


  • it’ll have more uniform and convenient identification features and interactive solutions

  • standardized divisions and zones for good performance:
    safer to use/ better correlation
    faster to use/better programs

  • more in tune with global direction

“- more in tune with global direction”

UFO, what does this mean?

it’s what chris bangle said a long time ago

it means the standards are set by those who participate as members, therefore making it easily adjustable. the global direction is about adjustability through input not conformity to output.

What this really means is

  • it’ll have more easier way for China to censor their people, snap a cam and id them so they can be hauled off more interactively

  • divisions and zones so it’s easier to round up the free people and put them in prison and all the government drones can play silently together in their own little cyber sandboxes where they are safe from thoughts of democracy

  • more in tune with governments cracking down including the U.S.

UFO has it wrong. The standards are set by those who participate as minders. The members are just the common worker.

I agree it’s very risky having a government monopoly on information exchange.

The clone wars are beginning!

i don’t think anyone is going to pull the plug on the american net in china. you can still connect to it in a number of ways, not just in china but in any country. it just won’t be a good tool for chinese or other silk road people to use because it’ll slow people down in their activities.