U of H Industrial Design Program

I am curious about the the Industrial Design Program at the University of Houston. What are the positives?..What are the negatives? Any Uof H ID’ers out there?

There a program there?

…last i heard they were starting one up a couple of years ago, but the proof of a program is the graduates, of which there shouldn’t be any for a couple of more years.

Do a search for University of Houston and another search for UH, and you will see all the discussions pertaining to UH’s ID.

I met the dept head once and she seemed extremely intelligent, (got her PHD from the MIT of Korea) she told me that they will require co-ops to graduate (another good sign), I’m sure that they’ll get accredited next time NASAD goes around, and their proximity to Mexico means possible connections to Manufacturing. If the rest of the faculty have good backgrounds it shoud be a respectable program