u of cincinnati

anyone got any feedback on the uc grad program in product/industrial design? is it really worth all the money? (costs the same as private school when you are out of state).

ohio state seems to be all technical, but there is no student work for uc up on their site to even judge.

I didn’t have much contact with the grad students, as there weren’t that many of them around at the time I was there…

It’s true it costs about $5000 per quarter out-of-state. If you decide to go there you could jump through some hoops, establish residency, and the tuition would be quite a bit cheaper…

If you’re aching to see some UC work, just type “Cincinnati” in the keyword search box on Coroflot, check the ID box and poof you’ll be be able to peruse at your leisure…

Best of luck.

Haven’t really heard anything about the grads coming out od UC, but I work with 7 or 8 designers who undergraded from there and they are very skilled.

They are currently re-tooling the program. The head of Carnagie Mellons’ grad dept moved to UC last year to start a research institute - presumably grads will do the bulk of the research or at least manage the undergrads who do it.

It’s a 72 credit Master of Design degree that applies to all majors, who share studio space. It has not been highly rated in the past (especially compared to the ug program), if I were you - establish residency and see what kind of work the institute produces.

Why do you want to get a Masters?