tyvek ?

Has anyone out there ever used Tyvek for product design applications (besides envelopes, house wrap, etc.)???

Tyvek is recyclable HDPE and DuPont says they’ve been recycling it for 20 years. It’s also wicked strong, light, and can be printed.

Tyvek is the stuff they make FedEx envelopes out of.
I’ve used it for a series of printed and sewn bags.
I know that it has also been used in fashion design off and on for the last couple of decades.

Yes. Many years ago when I was working as a toy inventor (my first job) I designed a stuffed animal out of it. The toy came with markers so you could color on it. market takes to Tyvek really nicely… colors are quite vibrant.

The product was made by a German company: Schmid.

how about for kites?

or maybe slip-on blades for a ceiling fan…

inflatable life jacket?

just brainstorming…haven’t had a project where we’ve got to explore tyvek uses.

it also takes light nicely. I’ve used it instead of paper for lamps. Just keep it away from a hot bulb! They also use it to make those cool coveralls for when you’re spray painting.