Typical UK Freelance Hourly Rate?

What should a fresh out of UNI student freelancer be charging an hour for a product design project in the UK?

I have had some interest but not sure what to charge, as I’m fresh out of Uni I don’t have much experience, but I don’t want to under sell myself just because of that, but then again.

Also with this being my first real potential project any advice?


I would think " thank you" as you are lucky to get throught the door in the UK.

One tip for later life when you are in the hostseat ,is to remember we all had to start somewhere


Not v. helpful or constructive advice is it?

You should never undervalue yourself - if you do it, clients will do it.

I’ve found the best way to find out what the going rate is is to contact recruitment consultancies in your field of design and ask them. Tell them about yourself and your level of skills and talent, hell it’s a great opportunity to send your c.v. to them - and to look employable, if you are getting freelance work, it looks good to them.

Agencies don’t really like freelancers that much becuase they don’t make much money out of them, but as you are a recent graduate and (I’m assuming) looking for a full time role, they might take more of an interest.

the guy before is right

  • base your salary on what service you are offering and the duration of time you will be at the design office.

if you think you are gonna be there for a month push your luck and give them a month rate that will be lower than a month of your day rate. barter with the studio manger and you could stay on longer than you had planned! - freelance could be the way into fulltime employment should you want it to be.

be confident. good luck!

take a look over 'ere


they have merged all design categories together (product, graphic, web…etc) so not clear to see the difference between them

the design week salary survey is pretty good as a indication of full time work too.


charge what you think can get away with.

why settle for less?? - my fees are above what is listed.

I used to do sales many moons ago before uni, and the senior guys mentioned a good sales tip:

“That its always easier to come down the hill, then to go up it”

i.e its easier to as ‘plus1’ says charge what you can get away with and then negotiate down if you need to. Its much harder to say one price then go back after a bit more thought to say the price has gone up.

What would be nice to see on the design week freelance rates is the high and low values for each level…like on the coroflot.