typical interview response

" we are still in the evaluation process. we’ll contact you when we have made the selection "

Anybody get this kind of politically correct email after an interview ???

What are the typical email responses that you’ve got after an interview ???

And does anybody actually got an offer after receiving such typical email???

I am curious.
Why dont’ we share your experiences and have some laugh !!!

from recent experience, after being interviewed by large corporation, I still kept wondering if they would take me or not.
Somehow, in the interview I asked indirectly that question. And got a straight answer ‘We have to evaluate all the candidates first before the final decision’.
After that , never got any email. But I did send a follow-up email.
On the second and third day, the HR called me to question/confirm information regarding previous work and experience. But I still don’t know if I’m in or not.
Things start to loosen up when they start asking about salary.
Once you negotiate the salary, and both parties are happy, then that’s about it. Then , finally I get an email infomring when I should show up at work.

I feel your pain. I interviewed for a job about 3 weeks ago, but since it was for a new position that was being created I’ve been stuck in the world of corporate red tape, and probably will be for at least another 2 weeks.

Of course I’m supposed to meet with HR at some point, which would lead me to believe once I get to that point I’ll be ok. But since I have some of the worst luck on earth it wouldn’t surprise me for the company to go bankrupt or explode in a firey meteor crash by then. :laughing:

that was funny… ya, i am waiting as well.
this is my 2nd week. and i am about to go crzy.
(i quit smoking a year ago …i am smoking again.)

Why don’t they just say NO YOU’RE OUT ?

Because that would involve them sending another email. :smiley:

I’ve been self medicating my anxiety with a healthy dosage of sleep, cheap beer, and Xbox. Does a good job of masking the fact that I’m going crazy and pass the time.

you have to find the line between harassment and enthusiasm. I know certain managers who almost play mind games with potential candidates. a favourite is to say there are no spaces left for interview. but they always keep space for those who challenge it with a good follow up letter, or even better a phone call.

Even after interview, remember the names from the panel / HR. send an email to thank, then another a while later to let them know what you have been upto professionally (within reason) and explain once again why you are interested.

best advice that has worked for me (twice)? find who is heading your planned dept, skip the HR thing. if you can get your future boss on side from the outset then your chances improve drastically. plus it shows yuor direct and enthusiastic.

worst thing you can do? generic email. saw one in my old dept with “bobatpuma”, “jimatadidas”, “ronnyatnike” all in the “TO” line…this person had no hope.

and three weeks is good for feedback. I tend to find 4-6 weeks is average turnaround time for companies, especially the big multi-nats. you have to remember that the seniors are caught up in various calendars, inline, SMU and so on therefore do not have a great deal of time to discuss such things. It may seem like a huge deal to you, but if its entry level…its not such a stress for them.

Be patient and maintain contact.

Hope this helps…

Some great advice haphe, esp this.

hello, it’s apt.11 , the original poster of this topic.
it’s been 3wks that i’ve posted and gotten a lot of valuable replys.
so thanks all of you for sharing your insights and experiences.

i’ve got another Qs…regarding this topic.
so, it is now 4th wks since the interview… i have talked to the manager and the senior designer of the team since then.
both replyed still in the evaluation phase… the last time that i’ve talked to the manager which was a week ago, he let me know that a decision for the final candidate will be made by last week.

since i have not heard from the manager or the hr people last week, i am guessing i am out… but, in the back of mind, there is still the doubt that maybe they were too busy to decide ??? maybe they are just taking a little longer time ???

i know, i know, but, you know how this is…
i just really want this position… what can i say ?
so my question is what should i do in a case like this ?
i am thinking of sending the manager another email with a fresh web site and just casually update what i’ve been upto. but i don’t wanna seem too desperate.
should i just let it go and forget about it?
or could there be a chance that they really were too busy to make the final decision last week ???

i’d appreciate the advices… ( and, i am looking for another position as of now… )

After I graduated from school I started learning that job interviews are a lot like dating.

You have to show interest without being desperate. Hopefully, both of you see qualities that you like & want to see more of. …When it comes to waiting for the callback, don’t put your life on hold waiting for that phone call.

Oh yeah, and don’t expect everyone who says they will contact you with a decision to do so. In all of the job interviews I went on after school, only two sent me a response (written). My present employer didn’t even respond! (Though I was warned that the decision makers were traveling a lot and that I would have to be aggressive in following up.)

You have to think also that they if they need people. It is because the have a lot going on/ to much work. so no time to do things out side the projects in progress.

For them time is flying.

You are waiting for responce. waiting drags time.


without wishing to build up hope, think how quickly you can throw an “im sorry” letter to unsuccessful candidates compared to the time it takes to speak with hr regarding start date, toc’s and the rest of it. Whe interviewed I was told I would be informed on “Friday at the latest”. I didn’t know they meant the Friday six weeks later.

on another note, be positive about what you have shown them, if they don’t want you regard it as their loss and work on what you can improve. again, a bit like dating…!

Of course there is a difference between what should happen and what does happen. To help you understand, often (especially in entry level positions) there can sometimes be a hundred or hundreds of applicants. When you read about resume/portfolio writing - the reason why they say that someone is only going to spend 15 seconds looking at your submission is because when you have that many to go through and only a hour here or there to dedicate to the first pass of reviewing submissions… well, you get the idea.

From your perspective, you might be chasing one or a handful of positions. You probably didn’t apply to jobs you didn’t want. Each one has more importance to your overall life, and comparatively, you dedicate more effort and importance to the relationship. From their perspective, you are one of a hundred candidates, and if they are not following up, you aren’t one of the most desired candidates. They are probably applying more effort to the one or handful that they really want.

If you applied to 100 companies, including many that you didn’t want to work for, would you be sure to diligently communicate to each one? …or just the ones you cared about? Do you currently make sure to send out timely thank you notes when someone gives you a gift? Perhaps thinking along these lines will help understand the perspective of the hiring manager…

hello, friends at core.
I wanted to update you with my progress with this company and see whether any of you guys have the similar experiences… ( perhaps my experience could help you in the same situation)

Now as you guys know from reading this post, I have been waiting for this particular corp. to respond after an interview. I have waited for about 3wks and finally got an another final interview.

The final interview went great. We discussed salary. and when to start working…etc. I was sure that I was going to get an offer letter the following week.

But, it has passed 2wks already without getting any actual confirmation of the position. I talked to the HR. They said my reviews were great but they’d need 1or2more weeks to get everything ready.

Such vague answer… I am supposed to talk to the HR next week again. I am kind of hanging in the air again.

Guys, I am on the brink of saying NO to this corp. even if they hire me.
I mean what is going on here??? I have been waiting for almost 6wks to get to the final cut and waiting again for the past 2wks.

Any insights situations like this? ( I am not sure what to do… )
I feel like they do not wanna hire me but can’t find anyone better so just in case, keeping me by giving me vague answers…OR does it really take this long to just get the offer letter ?

It does take time to go through the hiring process. likely they had a few rounds of interview, which take time to schedule the candidates, internal people, managers. then time to review the interviewees and compare notes.

after the second interview, if they are ready to proceed they may still be looking for last chance candidates, or getting things in HR worked out. esp. at a larger company, putting an offer letter together requires consensus from HR and the managers, on salary, benefits, job descriptions, etc.

i know it can be frustrating (i’ve dealt with similar situations), but consider it from their perspective. hiring is a big investment for a company, and they want to be sure they go the right person at the right price. how long have you looked for a job? chances are it takes you just as long/longer to find the right position, company, etc. its even more complicated from their end.

if its the right job for you, and you dont have other options, what do you have to lose from hanging in for a little while longer?

you may be right that they are looking for someone else, or they may be slow with lots of bureaucracy going on. could just be that the mananger/HR person was on vacation…


If its a job you want then be patient, and just follow up on the process when things start going to long. It’s been practically 3 months since I started the hiring process and I just got the offer this week, which still means there will be at least another week of background checks and paperwork before I can start.

It took a week just to get the application online, I should’ve applied for a night shift position as tech support. :smiley:

Hang in there, and keep tabs. If they want to hire you they’ll keep you informed of the hold ups even if it’s a slow process.

hello, friends. I started this post on the 13th of august this year after a job interview. Things have progressed step by step after an intial contact.
So I have gone through all the typical recuiting prpcesses that led to a final interview…

I was confirmed of the position at that time but have not gotten an offer letter still yet, I have patiently been waiting over 8weeks now and it is just so frustrating. The HR person keeps saying the position is on the hold, and the manager says the same thing. Since I did not have any other appealing options as far as job openings are concerned, I just waited blindly.

While I have gotten great reviews from the management, I am begining to doubt if ths is ever going to happen…
I would like to hear from you guys have had any similar experiences.
I do think there is every possibility that they will not hire me even though the manager have told me that " everything is approved "

With the complex corporate procedings and company merger, anything is possible… After almost 9weeks of waiting. I just really need to move and take an action… I would very much like to hear from you… advice, wisdom, or any strategic moves…Thank you.

As I mentioned in my last post I first got contacted about my job the end of June and didn’t start work till the end of September - about 12 weeks. I was in a bit of a similar situation where there were mergers and no one knew much about the new hiring process.

They’ve confirmed you have the job but haven’t gotten you the offer? If they said you’ve got it then you can probably breathe easy, it’s just a matter of getting through the red tape at this point.

Do what I did - go on vacation for 2 weeks. It’ll take your mind off the headache and give you some free time before you jump into the grind. :laughing:

It doesn’t make it any less frustrating, but it often happens that positions go on hold, or get cut completely because of budgetary reasons. A position might get pushed from a 1st Quarter hire out to Q2 or Q3, or change role. Just as your frustrated, I’m sure the hiring manager and HR person feel similar. They want to bring you on as soon as they can.

That said, nothing is ever set in stone until it is in black and white with a dotted line at the bottom for you to sign on. I would pursue other opportunities as well so you can be in a position to make the best choice for you.

A vacation is also a good call. It’s always good to get some perspective. And if that “vacation” just happens to be in a place with some potential interview ops, all the better… tax right off :wink:

Hi, I have just learned that the position has been cancelled.

I would very much thank Yo, Cyber, and all the other people that have responded to my post… It was truly helpful and I appreciate it.

Although I really did want to post a happy end to my stroy, in some ways, I am glad to be released… Now I can LIVE again…

Thank you.

Sorry to hear that. I know what it’s like to be in those shoes believe me…3 months with no definitive offer in front of me drove me f’in nuts. I probably would’ve had a nervous breakdown if I didn’t go on vacation, but luckily everything worked out for the best.

If it’s any consolation - if they were at least PLANNING on seriously hiring you it means that out of the rest of the candidates they interviewed, you were still above the crowd, so that should be looked at from a positive viewpoint.

Theres jobs out there, just keep truckin.