Types of Mirrored Plastics

I am looking for a 1-2mm thick mirrored polymer that has the ability to flex and is water resistant. I find that Acrylic is too brittle and that Styrene delaminates too easily. I am yet to investigate Polycarbonate or PETG. Are there any others I should also be trying out?

Thanks for any knowledge.


I am currently working with a group to develop a product incorproates a thermoformed PETG convex mirror. The PETG is thermformed and then chromed. These mirrors are the same as those found on semi trucks and oversized delivery vehicles, to provide a panoramic view.

The mirrors are molded from a sheet that is 32 inches x 32 inches. They are able to fit nine mirrors on a sheet. I had a couple panels sent to me. I set them up in my apartment, pure disco aesthetic. Now I feel like a porn star.

I would suggest this material because it seems to be used in similar applications to what you have discussed. One thing that worries me is that when the sample panels were sent to me via mail, one cracked while in transit.

I hope this little insight helped.

Thanks Architorture I think I will go the way of PETG because I can’t find any PC less than 3mm thick and thus not enough flex for my application. Ahh “Pornstar Silver” a classic finish -reminds me of those Seventies’ car colours like Plum Crazy, Panther Pink and Lime Light!

Does anyone have insight into the materials and processes used to make those aftermarket autom mirrored window-tints? I’m especially curious to how to “fade” a mirror finish to transparent.

This is expertly done at the Prada epicenter in SoHo where the changing-room mirrors fade seamlessly to video plasma displays.



Credits on last page refer to AV specialists & etc. -call and ask…

How about silver Mylar film? Extremely thin, flexible and tough. Look in Thomas Register for suppliers.
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