What do you consider to be the best typeface, or which one pulls your strings. Personally I can not decide though I have a few favs; Gill Sans, Transport, Caslon, Syntax, (frutiger & futura obviously) - I also wondered if anyone had a font they thought perhaps to be a little unknown, you may wish to share? You may not which would be perfectly understandable. Also which do you despise?

Gotham is getting overused as of late. Seems to be the go-to for nearly everything.
Become a big fan of News Gothic lately, a nice alternative to Frutiger.

There are so many I despise, it could be it’s own forum thread. But, to name a few:

Comic Sans (obviously. It has no use whatsoever)
Brush Script
Laser Connected

And, I’m really sick of Trajan. It has some good applications, but I’m so sick of seeing it used for EVERY movie. See this hilarious video as proof. You’ll never look at a movie poster/trailer the same.

Gotham is overused, but it still looks so good, and will need to be overused a lot more to become as generic as Helvetica.

I love Interstate. Based on US highway signage font that was designed for hyper-legibility. Simple, legible, a little quirky, and the numbers are beautiful. Plus, lowercase looks as good as all caps, or vice versa. Not the case with most fonts.

Helvetica Neue

The guy on this website: http://klim.co.nz/ has it figured out. I absolutely love his work, but even more that, he shows off the type in a really attractive way and makes you want it.

Check out Clearview Hwy from Terminal Design.

And I don’t think Helvetica is generic, when used properly.

Helvetica Neue is the go to typeface around here, no doubt about it. Checked out that foundry link, Dan, his sketchbook pages are incredible.

I know, right? They definitely inspired me to try designing a typeface. The results are on my website, but definitely a good experience. I love type design and that dude knows what’s up.