type of pen used for sketching before scanning it in PS

wassup guys, i was just wondering which type of pen you guys use before scanning it in for photoshopping. I sometimes use a gel ball point pen but when i scan it in on photoshop, some of the lines weren’t completely closed in so I had to go back to the drawing and tighten up the lines and scan it again. I’ve also used a black ink but took a while for the ink to dry. What type of pen do you use for your design before scanning it in that has perfect black lines like the lines in illustrator. What about blue or black prisma color? Any suggestion


easy - BIC fine

A classic…

I use a pencil sometimes. It depends on how much time I have. If I am pressed for time I will just sketch directly into Photoshop or Alias’s Sketchbook Pro. When you scan stuff in you can simply use the levels to clean up your lines in photoshop.

I use whatever I have handy. Ball point, roller ball, technical pens, charcoal, whatever will make a mark on paper and pick up on the scanner.

You have to train yourself to tighten up the lines otherwise you’ll always be reworking it to close the gaps. I usually close the gaps in photoshop/gimp instead of rescanning.

Pilot Dr. Grip Gel.

close boundaries in pshop. way faster than touching the drawing again.