TWO Smartwatch concept

Greetings everyone! I’ve been working on this project for the past month. With all my midterms and homework, this project took a little longer than expected. I had a ton of fun making it, and I hope you all enjoy the read!

With smartwatches quickly becoming a reality, I revisited my original smartwatch concept (01 Watch concept) from 2 years ago and improved on some of the ideas. For me, I just want a smartwatch that does just a few things well.

To view the entire project:

Thank you for reading! :slight_smile:

Nice to see people spend time on these things, I agree with smartwatches being too gadget-like, still too much focused on utility and content. It’s refreshing to see one that gears more towards awareness, not so much requiring focused interaction with the device. That’s what I would want, the watch just providing some cues, and if I want to know more, I’ll go whip out my phone or jump in front of my computer.

I do think your product design and brand lack in character - it’s not clear what kind of people you’re targeting it at, and it doesn’t really have much intuitive appeal as a watch in itself. Neither do most other smartwatches, but that’s where a big design challenge lies of course, so I would like to see more design work! You can also explore more into the look of the watchband, I’m sure there are many other designs possible that would fit much better. I especially think it looks a bit flimsy, and it will probably look strange if there is a gap between the area where the watch connects to the band and the wearer’s skin.

I also never liked the long press, there should probably at least some visual feedback while you’re pressing it to let you know that something is happening, and even better, provide cues as to what is happening, so you don’t need to learn from the manual that you need to long press.