Twist Lamp

Twist Lamp is a floor lamp that rotates on a sloped axis. It functions both as a table lamp and a torch lamp.

You can view the full project on my behance → Behance

Would love to hear all your feedback/critiques!

I looked through your recent posts, and it looks like you’re actually still in high school? In which case well done on having the initiative to work on some projects!

I have some tips on the surfacing but am on my phone so I’ll follow that up later. I think the green background is distracting my attention from the lamp on these images. Have you tried it with a few tones of grey to make the product the focal point?

Nice work Ilan! This is a great project for someone still in high school. I see that you are making little part gaps. Details like that really help. The design itself is clever. Adding some arrows showing the pivot could help drive the functionality home. Also, I’d love to see a sketch ideation page at the beginning to see what shapes and details you explored.

As the others have mentioned, great work - Especially for being in high school! I agree with Michael as far as understanding more of the ideation as I think the main body/tube, switch, and base could be more cohesive in terms of form. Also think about the experience and interaction the switch plays, I think the rotary switch is nice in a way because it plays off the rotational aspect of the design, however it would be interesting to explore capacitive/touch switches as well. I have worked on a few lamps, if you have any specific questions feel free to DM me!

Also gesture could be fun. Casper makes this pretty amazing night light. I played with one awhile back and the interaction design on it is pretty amazing, no switches, all physical actions. For example you flip it over to turn it on or off (not that you would want to do that here with a floor lamp :slight_smile: )

Thanks so much for the feedback! I took a look at the Casper light and really like how the technology with the gyroscope coexists with the overall design. I think my twist lamp could gradually get brighter as the user turns it and vice versa. Will think more about this.

Here is some of my ideation. I added more on my Behance.

Thanks so much! I actually intended for the knob to rotate the lamp on a vertical axis via gears. There is a button on the end of the knob to turn it off and on. When I was designing it, I was thinking of using some haptic/vibration touch, like on the iPhone, instead of a button. I have a lamp with capacitive switches, but feel like it doesn’t give enough feedback other than light intensity. I think having some physical feedback, along with the visual, would leave the user feel more reassured.