Tutors: professional artists or industrial design students?


I’m looking for a tutor who can help me get a headstart in sketching. It seems that my two options are professional artists who are versed in analytic sketching but who have a more more formal, “classic” way of drawing products and concepts, or ID students who offer to teach ID sketching on the side.

I’m curious if anyone here has a take on the matter.



Perhaps post samples of your current skill level and let people know where you are at.

or define more of what you are looking for out of the Mentor vs. taking the approach that many on core do which is to post a thread here and obtain feed back and direction from the community.

I would focus on learning from either design students, or from resources you can find online. There are a lot of sites/instagram folks/facebook groups focused on design sketching.

Design sketching is fundamentally different from anything taught to classic art students - because it’s about rapid communication beyond just rendering form.

With that said, once you understand the difference, I’m sure traditional art classes could help you develop your understanding of form/light and shading beyond that point. I know for myself, art was a standard part of our pre-college curriculum so coming into ID with a foundational background is also important.

What region are you located? Maybe someone here on the boards could help?


Well if you are Canadian i would be happy to help you if via skype or webex would work for you.

As a fellow Canadian of course…

Hi guys!

Also me looking for industrial design.
I have graduated from engineering and
industrial design but recently Ive spent
more in engineering field and I dont wanna
lose my sketching skills. Would be great
if you know somebody who could teach me more in industrial design!