tutorials on sketching, design methodology,form…etc…it would be nice…

a tutorial on form? ugh? Go to the library and pick up the “how to come up with a form” book, I forget who wrote it. maybe try googling it.

There’s nothing on this book anywhere

try “development of form”… I’ve seen it too

yeah there is definitely a book out there that tells you what form to use for every design project. Keep looking and let us know the ISBN, everyone would love to get a copy of it on this forum.

isnt there anything good on the net for an insight…

hey I’ve seen that book. you can find it right next to ‘pedandic wankers’ by the general design community.

that isbn doesn’t come up with shit! nice joke!

sweet. just ordered one of amazon.com.


I always wondered what they thought of Canada…

Try this

List Price: $14.93

Good Luck

No sketching, no methods, no CAD, no crap, just human-object interaction.

Read it it`ll help you a lot.

vismard… I agree with what you say…but reading on these topics gives a good insight on what could be possible or what one may have not looked upon…

I am still looking for some literature on the trends of form…how form has changed over times…why is it that we like a particular kind of a language more than another …is there anything on the net??