TUTORIAL >>> Sketchbook X-Wing break down

Trying to get back to posting here more. Here is a breakdown for the image I entered in SKetchwars this week. Please let me know if you have any questions. This was 100% digital in Sketchbook on a Campanion2 from Wacom.

When I saw this on Instagram yesterday my jaw literally dropped, thanks for doing the tutorial this is really cool and insightful!

You are very welcome!

Awesome! Thanks for posting Jeff! Always great to see someone else’s work flow.

You are welcome Michael! Also agree, it is nice to see different approaches.

Thanks for taking the time to post this tutorial Jeff, I’m just starting with digital sketching and seeing your step by step process was incredibly helpful. The simplicity of creating your own digital palette layer of color splotches is genius!

Really inspiring work!

Jeff -
In image #6, what’s the reason for the color swatches you painted above the main illustration, with color reference codes? Do you use those like a painter’s palette and sample from them to select colors?
I’m still working on ideal workflow in SBP on iPad Pro, but don’t do work finished to this level, mostly 10-15 min sketches.
This is super hot.