TUTORIAL >>> ID Sketching with Sharpies

I had a spare hour to hop on YouTube and do a Live video on sketching with Sharpies. I originally started using this technique in the late 90’s when we were faxing sketches to clients. In the early 2000’s with scanners not being that great and emails only able to handle small jpegs, the technique came in very handy. Today I use it to really focus in on bold essential elements. Want to watch along, check out the video here:

Huh. Never thought about the low-res transmission methods but that makes total sense. I don’t like the smell and the bleed-thru but almost nothing that cheap beats the ink dispersal of a Sharpie. >eyeballs<

you definitely learn to plan for the bleed through… I always just have a scrap piece of paper behind it. Just before the pandemic I did a workshop with 10 students in my studio with sharpies and I was sure to say “do not get any sharpie on my table” :slight_smile:

The only thing I’ve found that is better for black marker dispersal is an Ad Marker but they cost a lot more the smell will knock you out.