Hello there!
Since I completet my new darling two days ago, I could’t hold back anylonger and had to take some photos.
As usual, don’t hestitate to tell me your opinion about my black beauty. :wink: :slight_smile:

I’m liking it a lot. Nice work!

I really dig the refined industrial minimalism thing thats going on, with just the necessary parts right there and in your face. Of course, that is something I work towards in some of my own designs, so perhaps I’m biased… :slight_smile:

mmm… what’s that shiney round black thing with the blue circle on it ???

just KIDDING … nice piece Kk.

Is this meant to be a design project or you wanted to make yourself a turtable or both?

did you model the tonearm your self or is this a borrowed part?
-it has a very nice transition from tube to flat, however I am curious why the front headshell / cartridge mount is cut at that angle?

Why belt drive and not direct drive?
-this looks like it is intended to be a highend component in which case I question why you would use a belt?

Due to the wiring it is hard to tell where the turntable ends (these could possibly be routed better, does it include the whiteboard (it seems it must as the motor housing seems to be mounted to it) I would like to see how the motor housing inter acrts with the white board (view from other side)

Are the large AL discs functional in anyway / utilized as knobs for pitch control or power etc??

Why break up the motor housing and the main unit?

If there is some intent in doing this I would like to see more attention payed to the relationship of the forms.

Damn, I want to make a turntable too!!!
Cool project!

Jameriquai is cool

Well, yes it is intended to be an high end thing, and because of that i chose belt drive - the only way in the high end section (except for some exotic turntables by Denon, EMT or Nakamichi that were built in the 80ies and cost nowadays about 3000 Euros (definately too much for my student’s budget)).
Just have a look at manufacturers like transrotor, avid, clearaudio and so on.

The white MDF board is just part of my Hifi Rack and has nothing to do with the turntable itself.

What do you mean by “Due to the wiring it is hard to tell where the turntable ends” ?

The tt and the motor housing are sitting on 4 spikes each, which allow me to adjust the height them, the AL discs have a little screw in the centre which also allows me to finetune the height of each corner of the turntable (the also take up the damping feet) - and they help me to get rid off nasty resonaces.

The detached motor housing also helps me to keep resonances/vibrations away from the pick up, and the shape interacts with the turntable as it has the same bending as the black MDF parts.

Yes, the tonearm is borrowed (I don’t have the means to build something this precise), and yes, it is meant to be a design project but I also just wanted to build a turntable (and I also think it will look quite cool in my portfolio).

I do really appreciate the work you have done here

I think your approach of actually building a functioning prototype is to be commended, I think this can hinder you in some ways too. You mentioned that this is intended to be super high end, then mention something about a mechanism being out of a student’s budget (isn’t this contradictory as a super high end product in this case would most likely be out of a student’s budget?)

I guess my thought about where the product ends (white mdf etc) was more due to the seperation of the table and motor housing, there may be a view that is not shown here that may clear this up, but if these exist as separate pieces it could have some problems.

You mention the motor housing references the arc on the side of the table, but other than that, color and material there is little here that suggests a relationship. It could be changing the overall form, or simply use of details, but I just don’t think the relationship is quite there yet.

I this piece would benefit greatly if you cleaned up the wiring, gave it a channel / tube to travel in, or simply routed it more nicely, this is one detail that seems to have not been addressed yet. In a super high end product like this, the details define the product.

If a belt-drive is the way to go here, you may consider experimenting with belt sizes. The current belt looks a little wimpy right now and isn’t as convincing at selling performance as some of the other elements. The belt and motor housing seem to be overlooked right now and these could serve as graphic elemts that help to define the product.

When you present something as well done and well executed as what you have done here, expect to get lots of comments and criticism. This should be taken as a compliment of your work. Good Job! When do I get mine??

Well, I did not say that it should be a super high end product, it shall (and definately can) compete with turntables costing about 1500-2000€ (not only because of the looks, but also in terms of sound quality - this was approved by two different “high end” audio studios whom I lent the turntable for some days to tell me their opinion).

I did a 1/2-3/4 years long research and planning phase, so there have been some different models and the choice of materials was optimized too (I build hifi equipment and speakers for about 4 years, so I’ve got quite an overview what’s going on on the market and in terms of the resonance properties of the different materials (acryl glass or corian would be better, but i can’t see those gruel looking acrylic-transparent-shiny-lookatmeIamexpensive turntables anymore)).

In terms of the belt i have to say, that I plan to use a nylon string instead of the rubber belt, wimpy looking? why?
I mean, you have exactly three coices when building a belt drive:
Use a tape, use a nylon string or use a rubber belt.
I used the rubber belt beacause the pully on the motor is made for this belt, if I use another belt or a string or a tape, I will have to build a new pully and since I don’t have the means to build one (at the moment) I won’t upgrade to another belt.

But, hell yeah, if you think this belt looks wimpy, what about the platine Verdier with string drive? :smiley:

Anyway i appreciate criticism, especially when it’s constructive criticism. :slight_smile:

I would agree that the world doesn’t need another big solid chunk of clear acrylic that plays records…it’s been done

The belt you currently have looks wimpy to me because of the proportion to the rest of the unit. It just looks as though it should be wider. It may also be partially due to the fact that in the picture the belt is at a bit of an angle, rather than straight up and down. The string drive has an interesting effect, just that it is almost invisible, but it’s there. Due to the near invisibilty of it (less of a visual element) I don’t see it as “wimpy” The more I think about it, the more I think angle of the belt was what made me see your belt as “wimpy”.

Keep the vinyl spinnin!!!

looks like rip from the Bluenote Bellagio;

Diffrence (visible at least) is your detached motor & a diffrent platter…


it looks identical…weird

very interesting