I’ve been a Turntable.fm addict for the past 6 months. Right now it’s limited to US users only. It’s like IRC, but you “DJ” and play music for your friends. You can read more about what it is on the Turntable.fm About page.

I have a post-rock, post-metal, math, and sometimes shoegaze room called Post-rock & Beyond if you are a post-rock fan, stop in and discover new music. My username is MashTheSandwich.

Im interested, but i have read the about page and still have no idea what it is or how it works.

Try the FAQ on How do I DJ?

ok, have a better idea now, but i was mostly giving commentary to the fact that on the about page is really nothing about the concept. seems interesting though, one of those things where the quality/taste of the users in your ‘room’ is whats important.