Turnkey electric "engine"

Just came across the awesome news that Michael Czysz will start selling a plug-n-play electric drive. Just add batteries and some sort of interface. This should be just what a lot enthusiasts and start-ups are looking for!


What I love is how everything Czysz does looks great. Even his motors!

Really cool. The problem with doing conversions is you end up with random open volumes of space left to try to squeeze your batteries into (former fuel tank location, space around the motor, etc.)

The key complement to this would be a Lego style battery system, where you just have brick sized batteries that you can plug together to form a battery pack of any shape and size. You could even start small and add modules until you get the capacity you want, as your budget allows.

Yeah thats pretty damn sweet. I remember at the IDSA conference he didn’t want to comment on what kind of voltages that engine was running, now I see why!

Now just use it to power my flying car already…

very nice in concept and execution. Batteries are a tricky thing to manufacture, but Scott, your right, that is the next step.