Turing Phone

Anyone else following the head-spinning and product-spinning evolution of TSI (Turing Space Industries)?
As best I can tell, TSI is a collection of ex-Nokia execs attempting to build first ultra-secure mobile devices, and now attempting to build AR mobile devices so we can all live in Ready Player One.
They haven’t done much except stumble in the marketplace, but I have to admire their audacity and dogged independence.
I got on their mailing list years back and sometimes get updates, which make for entertaining cyberpunkish reading:

“The focal point of this newsletter is to bring the sibling of K3-XR to the limelight - the HubblePhone K7-XR Krypto. It is also the brainchild of myself and TSI’s Chief Industrial Design Officer, Mr. Paavo Pietola. HubblePhone K7-XR Krypto is fully powered with next-gen decentralized consensus governance and crypto assets trading. The first killer app running on the HubblePhone K7-XR Krypto is AOX Universe (see AO:X white paper), an artificial reality powered 3D world. K7-XR integrates industry’s best AI and AR tools allowing participants to build 3D objects on the fly. These 3D objects serve 3 purposes, first as an artifact, one that carries both fungible and non-fungible characteristics for unique trading on the blockchain; second as architectural elements, structures superimposed to our immediate physical environment to enhance the augmented city view through K7-XR; third as a virtual representation of a physical object from the physical world. While the crypto token, AOX, was designed to be managed by the users right on the 5G Blockchain HubblePhone K7-XR Krypto’s unique cold wallet, one that is guarded by the insulated Upper-deck of K7-XR Krypto, AOX will potentially be traded against other cryptocurrencies through K7-XR Krypto’s on-device decentralized crypto exchange, powered by the BPBFT-FDPoS consensus manifested AOX Parallel Chain.”

That’s bonkers!

Hah, nobody from Marketing got on that train!

More nonsense from these guys this morning. Its like a super-nerd Nigerian money transfer scam. I wish them all the best.

"The Copernicus is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855, the premiere mobile platform for a new decade of 5G, AI and XR, equipped with 8GB of RAM and a data storage capacity of 256GB. Keplerian OS powered by FreeBSD12 with Android 9 as system and application layer…

Here’s how Turing’s Crypto Pre-order Campaign will work:

TSI has created a crypto token named the HubbleCard Token (token symbol: HUBB); each outstanding HUBB will have an equivalent USDT reserved in Turing’s crypto off-line wallet for a quarterly audit by a trustworthy independent 3rd party entity. USDT is a stablecoin created by Tether which is pegged to the US dollar. Please visit Tether for additional information. HUBB is a new stablecoin derivative in which each outstanding token is backed by a specific stablecoin which is pegged to a fiat currency. In this case HUBB is pegged to Tether’s USDT.

1 HUBB ≈ 1 USDT ≈ 1 US Dollar.

Preorder Payment Method
Bitcoin or USDT

Firstly, you will need to create an account at HubblePhone.com (details to be announced on Wednesday). Once your account has been created, you will be required to supply your shipping and contact information. When you are ready to make your pre-order, select one of the HubblePhone K3-XR models along with the number of units you desire to purchase, the page will automatically display the most up-to-date total pre-order price in BTC or USDT. Simply transfer the BTC or USDT amount to the BTC or USDT wallet address specified on the page. Once the transfer payment is completed, TSI will validate and confirm the pre-order and issue a physical HubbleCard to be delivered to the specified shipping address.

Shipment of HubblePhone
The approximate dates for shipment for each of the HubblePhone K3-XR models are as follows:

HubblePhone K3-XR Copernicus - December 2019
HubblePhone K3-XR Cassini - April 2020
HubblePhone K3-XR Herschel - July 2020

Before your HubblePhone is ready for shipment, you will receive an email notification on how to activate your HubbleCard and exchange it for your HubblePhone. More information on the HubbleCard will be provided in tomorrow’s newsletter.

Please stay tuned!"

Trying to beat the CES rush with that press release?

It’s a phone. With a squiggly doodad screen. Those guys are doing God’s work.