Tuition Deposit Conundrum

I’m on the wait list for UC (I’ve mentioned that plenty of times in this forum) and won’t hear back from them till May. Now I’m looking at my secondary choice which will be Pratt and CIA. Pratt needs a deposit by May 1st, CIA by May 9th. So this will obviously conflict with UC’s acceptance/denial. CIA is refundable but Pratt’s isn’t.

Do you think there would be anyway to get my deposit back if I decide not to attend Pratt? Like give them a call, tell them that I won’t be attending and politely ask for a refund. Would that work?

Any ideas on this situation?

I hate how every school has their own dates knowing that everyone doesn’t pick one school to apply to. I guess it’s hard to please everyone. I haven’t even heard back from RISD yet, last notice I got told me that they’ve received all my admission materials.

I would give UC a call right before your deposit is due and explain your situation. If UC can’t give you an answer on your acceptance, you should have a second choice and pony up the deposit.

Holding out on your deposit or depositing at both schools may prevent waitlisted people from getting into Pratt or CIA. At the same time, accepted students holding out on their deposits for UC might prevent you from getting accepted.

How much are the deposits if you don’t mind sharing?

I’ll probably try that, I did send the dean an e-mail asking about my chances but didn’t explain my situation.

That’s exactly what I was thinking. Just from reading these boards I know there are a couple people who are wait listed @ Pratt. I don’t know how the schools work around it, but I’m sure I’m not the only one in this situation, so it’s probably pretty common.

Pratt is $200 fork tuition, and $300 for housing, but I’ll be staying with my dad if I go to Pratt. So for me, it’s a $200 deposit.

$200 is nothing in the long run :smiley:

Yea $200 aint much in the long run, but at the same time, I don’t make that much money, and $200 is a lot to just have it go towards nothing, if I do choose a different school. I guess it buys me some time. Damn time is expensive.