Tufted leather modeling

I am working on a furniture design that needs tufted leather patterns. With Alias 13.0 is there an easier way to achieve the form? I made a pattern and array’d. But I could only get it to go on flat surface. I want to get it around a rounded fillet surface.
I tried “nurbs to mesh” tool but I couldnt do any changes. Playing with UV’s is hectic too. Any suggestions?


maybe try taking your flat array and using the lattice rig + global deformation tool. I’ve had some pretty good result using that.

Thanks for the tip Brett, but I couldn’t make it work. I have the old 13 and it was new tool for me. But got it solved with image studio and photoshop as I just need visualization, although not great as I thought it should be but close enough for now.

I dont know how your rendering program is, but can you take your map and make a displacement map to take care of it through the render engine? Im not to familiar with alias, but through Rhino you can do a height field from image to get the actual geometry. It would be easy to make the map in photoshop or AI.