TUDelft Master in Strategic Design

Has anybody attended this course??? Could you give me more info about the structure and tips and tricks to get you there?

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I am presently a student at Strategic Product Design in Delft. What do you want to know?

Guest, thank you for your reply!

Well, i am completing my first ma in design currently and i would like to continue in something more general around design. Initially i was thinking of a school dedicated in marketing/communication but i knew about Delft and i am really interested in this school.

I would like to give me your personal opinion about the course, if there r good connections with industry (perhaps possibility to work after graduation…if yes, in what field?). Also, the background of the students, is from design world or people who first did a bachelor in buisness or marketing?

Another issue that concerns me is the how difficult is to get into Delft…I have the impression that they do not ask for a portfolio but they ask for a 2000-3000 words letter of motivation etc…!! Could you give any info or advice for the admission process?

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i also heared that UIAH in Helsinki runs a similar course but i have the feeling that Delft’s is better…

I am very confused so if anyone has any suggestion will be really appreciated! Thank you!

Currently I am following the Delft Integral Product Design courses, but I do know some things about Strategic Product Design. Most SPD students (there must be a total of about 200+ by now, I think) come from the Industrial Design Engineering Bsc course from the same faculty. There are quite some foreign students.

There are some connections with industry and it’s quite common to see guest speakers giving lectures. Via student’s association i.d it’s also possible to get in touch with Dutch and other European companies.

If you’ve completed a decent udergraduate design study somewhere else, I don’t expect you will encounter any problems with admision. Maybe you have already applied, otherwise you should hurry doing it!

Koos, thank you for your reply!

200 students?! wow! in a single Master course!!! How do they manage to work with all these students?! Anyway, i am currently completing my first MA and i i am thinking of doing another one… As i know the deadline for the February course is November right?

Also, most students are duch or there is a multinational environment? Ages?

Last question. They request for a 3000 words letter of intention!!! does it HAS to be 3000 words??? that’s a dissertation, not a letter!

thank you again!

I think you’re right about november: http://www.io.tudelft.nl/live/pagina.jsp?id=b7348218-aa50-4e5a-852f-0f8496c0816e&lang=en

Maybe the 200 is a little exaggerated. As I remember right, in september 2003, when the course started first, about 60 students began with it. Another, say 20 started in february 2004 and I think last year there were a little more students starting with SPD. Adding them to the 2003 cohort, makes 120+.
IPD has a lot more students, and I mixed up things a little.

Don’t expect daily personal support from the teachers, but if you’re interested and motivated, they will certainly give you more attention. There are some great teachers and, although rather heavy, it’s a great course if you’re interested in strategic design, management and commerce.

About the 3000 words letters I don’t know anything. Maybe see you sometime in Delft!


Thank you for your quick reply and the info u gave me once again. One last question. I am trying to contact students of the SPD course but can not find e-mails. Do u know any people from this course willing to give me info? Could u give me some e-mails if that is easy for u?

(u can send me private message here or send me mail @ alex_from_athens@yahoo.com)

thank you!

Because I’m currently abroad for an internship, I’m not able to get to my e-mail adress book. But you can just go to the site of students association i.d: http://www.studieverenigingid.nl and drop a message on the ‘Prikbord’. Might take some time before someone gives you serious answers (there are some strange people posting there on regular basis…).

thanks koos!! :wink:

1 more question!

How difficult is for someone who does not speak a single Dutch word is to survive in Holland???


Hi there,

I saw your post and it interested me. I am thinking of applying to the program as well. I just wanted to answr the question you had about language in Holland. I was in the country in June and I can tell you that you will have no trouble with communicating with people.Most everyone that I had contact with spoke good to excellent English. Plus the MSc classes at delft are in English. Holland is awesome, that why I want to study there. Maybe I’ll see you there.


Dwrob, thank you for your reply! :wink: