Tube bending video

Anyone here ever have a chance to work with one of these, or a similar machine?

That thing is wild. I have seen and worked with some CNC benders, but nothing like that.

That officially makes the list of awesome processes I have to find a way to use on project work.

“…looks like it’s pooping steel!”

hahahaha I couldn’t help but check out the video after reading that

We used one of these benders from a local steel bending vendor, for a consumer elliptical product. Remarkably accurate even over long distances. We call it the ‘spline bender’ and I use it whenever possible.

I’ve been curious- when manually bending tube, one inserts a spring to prevent the tubing from crimping- on the CNC bender, is it the output hole that’s preventing the tube from crimping?

There’s a few factors at play there. In that video, its some pretty heavy gauge steel tubing. There are two dies that are maintaining the tubes shape throughout the bending process. In commercial applications (at least from what I’ve seen) rarely is anything inserted into the tube to maintain it’s shape, unless it’s very thin wall or weak material. Again, just from what I’ve seen, not saying it couldn’t happen.

Our tube is a mandrel bend, 2.0" x .083" wall. Finished product has very little/no deformation or crimping in the corners.