Tu Eindhoven

Checked out Tu Eindhoven, Tu Delft, Design Academy and Ipo Den Haag on Friday for Industrial Design.

Tu Eindhoven seems perhaps to be the one best suited to me. Delft is very rigid and provides little freedom to work on your own projects/ choose your own area though it is a brilliant school no doubt. Dssign Academy seems good and apparently has a big name but seemed a big chaotic and I worry that they don’t have a great understanding of how a product works. At least this is the strength of the feedback I got… Ipo seems to be more packaging…and doesn’t seem to be as high a standard -makes sense since it’s a HBO opleiding (like a post college, geared towards the work force school).

I went to Tu Eindhoven and spoke to 2 students. Judging by what they said one would think the course has no structure, no classes and no guidence really. I don’t believe this since it’s a technical university but I’m trying to figure out more about it and how much they get in the way of guidence and classes and if it’s a good course. Seems to be a good balance between Tu Delft and Design Academy…

I’m also pondering NCAD, Dublin which seems to be quite suited to my needs and desires but I really want to get out of Dublin and move to Holland…

Agh decisions!!

hi ! i would like to know which among the two institutons (TU DELFT and DESIGN ACAD Eindhoven) are more into research. what i mean is that which is conducted on a more logic and analytical pattern and less of art and aesthetics?/

TU/e is more analytic, scientific school, because it’s at a technical university. DAE bachelor is more hands on, while the masters are into research, but in a more artistic approach. But to say, the DEA Masters are pretty messy and they have no educational structure… (don’t go there)

well, the answer to this is easy: TU Delft is much more technical, logic and analytical. It has great research for international standards. If you want an artistic, conceptual design education go to Design academy. I think TU Eindhoven is somewhere in between.

In reaction to earlier posts: I am a third year student industrial design from Eindhoven and I can honestly say that the education in which I currently am is something entirely new (and experimental)

I have also orientated myself on delft a few years ago but came to the conclusion that the study system there is quite rigid, offering not much space for own projects and creativity.

what you heard about this study system: no exams, no classes is actually true. It is entirely based on project work, just as all design work is done in all firms all over the world!

anyway , check out more information about this educational model here:

After glancing the web of TU/e, all i can say is “Wow”. The teaching method of BA is so cool. Never heard that before. But unfortunately, the courses are taught in Dutch. And it takes a year to prepare…

It takes a year to prepare what exactly?

can you guys discuss about the master’s program at TU/e?

is it any good?

can you guys discuss about the master’s program at TU/e?

is it any good?

NO idea myself how the masters programme is at Tue. It’s a very new course though. Personally I would imagine it to be more useful to attend a masters elsewhere… eg I’m thinking perhaps bachelors at Tue and masters at Umea or elsewhere…

Having said that…as I already mentioned…I’m not very familiar with the masters course there…still trying to get more insight on the bachelors! :slight_smile: