TU Eindhoven

Industrial Design programme at TU Eindhoven (Note - NOT the Design Academy) thumbs up or tumbs down?

Have done much much research and seem to have nailed it down to TUE but am still a little concerned…it’s a new course, so there’s no way to check up really on the progress their or how the grads are turning out plus there’s no real classes…

Seems like a brill course…just wondering if someone can give me some opinions on it.

Hi JlisbethJ

I study there now for almost three year. About to finish my bachelor.
I can answer some more specific questions if you want.

Greetings Bart

Hey Bart,

Yeah…am quite keen on the ID programme at Tue but just a little concerned too…I just want to make sure it is indeed the right choice. I mucked up once already and don’t fancy mucking up again…it’s a big decision!

1-How many i a class/year?
2-How many individual projects do yuo get to do? What’s the ratio of individual projects vs team projects?
3-How many projects per year do you do?
4-What’s the process for figuring out how to come up with a good design for whatever the brief is?
5-Is there any emphasis on computer aided design? If yes how does one learn this? Alone? Through classes? Through the mentors?
6-How much time does the mentor spend with a stuent on avergae per day / per week?
7-The assessment process is by means of a cd portfolio correct? What is the process behind this? How often are you assessed?
8-What’s the average age for a student say in first year and are there any older students?
9-What’s life living in Eindhoven like? (I wish Tue was closer to Utreht, Amsterdam etc where I have my friends and fam!)
10-can one opt to follow any particular classes?
11-IS there anywhere else other than core77 and the tue website that I get get an idea of the kind of work the students are producing?
13-Tu Delft seems to have a stronger emphasis on the technical aspects of a product and representing a design through computer aided design and accurate/impressive sketches.
Design Academy Eindhoven seem to have an emphasis on the aesthetics of a product and representing their idea through a physical model -where does tue’s emphasis lie?
14-Are you already collaborating with the Design Academy? If so, how much? And what type of projects are you doing?

I think this is enough for the time being and now it’s time for me to go to bed!


Hi, Just saw this post and since UT/e is also one of my choices to ID I was also interested in the answers to those questions… were the questions answered in a private message? if so could you post them here?