TU Delft

Anybody know anything re Delft Uni about if tey have a mature student programme? Ie do entry requirements get a bit easier at a certain age?

One needs to have physics and maths to gain entrance to Tu Delft and I see on the website talk of an exam to see if one is up to scratch. Any idea about this? Ie when they are, how long they take, where they are done and the cost etc?

Hello Sarah,

I am a ID student from Delft University of Technology. You have to qualify for your physics and maths for entering the programme. They won’t look at your age, I believe. I haven’t heard anything of an admission exam. Maybe it is an exam about physics and maths, if you didnt qualify those subjects at the secondary school. You should email them for specific info.

Take a look at these 2 links for general information:

Hope this can help you, good luck

Ben je Nederlands?

Yes it says on the website that forgeign students would have to take exams in Dutch, Physics and Maths. I am actually Dutch but I moved away from Holland when I was 16 and I did my “Leaving Cert” in Ireland. This is like the A levels.

I am so annoyed with myself because in Ireland you must do 6 subjects. I did 8. I did 6 at higher level but physics and maths were the 2 I did at the lower level. I didn’t think I would need these subjects again! I wa 17 and wasn’t clear on what I wanted to study.

I was hoping someone might have soeone information about these entrance exams. I have tried emailing and ringing TU Delft but I’m not having much luck.

So in holland they don’t make allowances for older students? I ask this because in Ireland when you are 23 you are a “mature student” and so you don’t need the same requirements to get into university.

Yes I am dutch, but we should talk in english.
I think you should do the physics and maths exam, since you don’t have the qualification from the secondary school. Our school also focuses on technical subjects, so you need those knowledges to complete differents subjects with success.

Strange that they don’t reply you. To which email adresses have you sent?Keep trying.

Is Deflt difficult to get into? DO they have many places? What do you mean about the technical subjects? Do you mean Maths and Physics? Do you think I should repeat physics and maths in my high school in Ireland -ie equivalent to A levels?

It is not hard to get into Delft University as long as you pass the exam. I believe they have summerclasses to crank your level up.

They have no limit on the places, as far as I know.

Greetz Thierry