TU delft Vs DAAP (industrial design)

Well, I am from India, and got into the masters program of DAAP, Univ of Cincinnati (with full financial aid).

Only yesterday I came to know that I got into TU delft’s product design program also with tuition waiver. I still have to pay for my living at Delft (some Euros 8000).

Which way should I go? any cues??

  1. Do you want to live in Europe or USA when you’re done?

  2. What is your thesis’ goal/about? (Which school has the better connections to that feild?)

hey ashish;

I have applied to ID iit chicago ; how do u think the program is and does DAAP allow transfer students to come in Fall again ; i dont mind losing 6 months but i have heard cinncinati is a great school and also the financial aid is too good. and will i get aid if i can come there as a transfer student.