trying to produce my actionfigure line

hello, my name is mickey. i have designed a really great action figure line. but i don’t know very much about going from designs to actual manufacturing. my designs are currently in “psd and Pdf” format. i gather that the next stage would be prototyping. however, i understand that there are many stages and considerations that go in to that which i have no idea big question i have: is 3d modeling a sub for wax sculpturing. is it true that the molds can be made from the 3d images? i have been asked by a few prototypest about what materials i plan on using, how do i find out what my choices are and what is the best to use? i’m doing this with limited funds so i really need to know what i can expect to spend going in and ways to avoid needless spending. i would be soooo thankfull for any help or direction anyone can give.
thanks in advance

Hi Mickey,

We are young french prototypists so we may help you to design your toy. Don’t hesitate to contact us (you’ll find an email adress on this page :

See you