trying to find a website


i’m trying to find this website i saw a while back. it was about this guy sketching creatures/monsters with china ink or something. he would post videos of him drawing them. they always started with him randomly dripping ink on the paper then using some kind of air blower of sort to spread the ink and from what was left he would come up with the creature.

anyone know what i’m talking about?



Yeah! The Daily Monster by Stefan Bucher, I loved those. Very creative, and great use of the medium. I’m also impressed he managed to keep up with the daily requirement, I keep telling myself to try to sketch more each day, but frequently find my motivation a little… sub-par.

Anyways, here’s the link:

YEAH! That’s it. You don’t understand how long I had been looking. Finally I thought to ask… Thanks!

ask and you shall receive… sometimes.

Bookmarked…Thanks for sharing