Trying to break into ID, 3d portfolio

Hello everyone,

Since this is my 1st post i figured i should show some of my current work. I just graduated with a BFA in Computer animation and im looking to either get into the ID field or get my MFA in ID.

you can check out my website at

my current demo reel

and my coroflot portfolio

thanks for taking a look and any critiques are more than welcome.

-Michael A. Viscione

Nice Stuff, did you design the car and model/render/animate yourself?

If so, your modeling and rendering skills could be enough to get you into a company doing this type of work. From there you could meet other IDer’s on staff and possibly move into Id that way.

As for ID portfolio, you need to show more process:

  1. Research and user personas. I.e what problem you’re trying to solve, who it’s for, etc.
  2. Quick sketches that show you working through a problem (form, function, etc.)
  3. More in depth sketches (marker/computer) that flesh out your idea.
  4. Then you get to your final idea–Model and render.

Graphic design and layout skills are also good.
Whatever skills you can show that prove you can think through a problem, come up with several unique solutions, and describe those solution both visually and verbally.

Nice work and good luck

Thanks for the kind words.
i designed, animated and modeled everything accept for the cartoony woman, in her house…i did some modeling and rendering in those sequences

Yeah i figured that I needed some core ID steps in my work flow. I plan on taking a few months and set up some sketches and bring them into a finalized view.

thanks again


hey, i saw that you went/are going to pratt, i was thinking of applying there for my MFA, or should i say MID

I’m undergrad at Pratt and I’m not sure how Pratt ranks compared with other schools as far as a masters. I remember seeing some posts about “what’s the best Master program” in the student and schools section here on Core77. I’d check there. I know that there are a lot of great professors for the masters students (CORE’S Allan Chochinov included), but as far as curriculum I’m not sure.

I like it. I got sucked into the video and watched the whole thing.

I might have some off-site freelance work for you if you want to get your feet wet. I’ll send you an email shortly.