Trying a new portfolio layout

Hello everybody. I’m an Industrial Designer from Argentina.
I’ve been updating my portfolio with aims to seek job opportunities both locally and abroad. With that in mind I’ve been looking at many portfolios and I’m amazed at the cultural differences. What I’ve noticed is that while abroad most people look for a portfolio that shows a complete design process, most employers here only care about the end result. This has something to do with the design culture (or lack of thereof) in the Argentinean industry where most employers ask the design to be delivered yesterday or there is so much corner cutting that it looks like a circle (design here is an uphill battle).
Also after looking at a lot of portfolios online I’m kinda appalled by their length (lots of them are almost a hundred pages long) and as a consequence of this there is a lot of useless content (are post-it pictures actually necessary?).
This poses quite a challenge in trying to design my portfolio as I’ve been trying to get to a middle point and remove a lot of the fluff. My aim is to include no more than eight projects, two pages each. I’m trying to use only images of the product, to keep the focus on my work. This means getting rid of inspiration and references pages.
I feel like I’m cramming in too much in the second page but I want to keep the first one as clean as possible. I’m trying to be concise and to the point but it’s getting hard to judge what to include in the descriptions and what can be left out.

Mind you, this is a first draft so the english text might be full of mistakes but I want to get critique on the layout now before getting into details.

Here’s a link to the portfolio on Isssuu

And a few samples.

I’d love to have some feedback from all of you, lovely people, since I’m worried this layout wouldn’t work at all abroad.
Thank you all