Trumph Design?

Got to start the discussion. . .

So did anyone catch the last episode of the Apprentice on NBC April, 21? The show featured Smart Design as a consultant for the contestants to come up with a new product for Staples.

It was obvious to us, as designers, to witness how research, understanding your target market, and keeping things simple are vital to success. Too bad the losing team did not know this before hand.

Anyways, what’s everyone’s thoughts about Design starting to take a front seat in the eyes of the population. We’ve seen commercials talk about design (Nissan), heard stores praise there products around it (Target) and now reality TV is catching on?

Next reality show, Drop 10 new student designers in a firm and have them compete to produce the next BIG craze (ie. I-Pod’ish). Think the Donald is going to go for that one?

General thoughts. . . .

Reality television has degraded the role of design in the public perception. Referring to design as “the next big thing” continues to push the public sensibilty of design to that of faddish, visual, and immature.