True value of early 1950s eames fiber glass chair


Can anyone tell me the true value of an early 1950s Herman Miller Eames fiberglass shell chair? No arms, good condition. Orange. I’ve found one on Craigslist for $150, but I wonder if I shouldn’t try to bargain down or if I should thank the design gods for this miraculous deal? Thoughts anyone?

I’d say " it depends"… is it one of these?

If it’s this one, it seems $150 seems high - its quite common and you could probably pick it up surplus sale for $50

If it looks like this - definitely buy, the base is one of his really distinctive designs and it’s a great deal. If it’s this one and you don’t buy, send me the link :wink:

Thanks, Travisimo! Definitely not the Eiffel base, so I’ll take your advice and skip. What would you say a good price for an Eames shell w/Eiffel base is?

I really don’t know the going rates… I don’t think I’ve every really been hot on the trail of one of those.

Also, if you like that chair, by all means buy it… an Eames artifact is worth having, especially if it’s one you like. You might save $50-75 bucks, but wait 6 months to get one and have to have it shipped…

check ebay, there’s plenty there to get an idea of price range