True I.D. Stories

Thought I’d give a bit of positive feedback.
I love the True I.D. Stories. I always look forward to them, and read them straight through as soon as they’re up.
Great for students looking to start out soon.

Thanks for starting these up.

Totally agree - these have become my favorite part of the Core77 experience! The stories are well written and I really dig the illustrations.


The last installment was pretty awesome. Definitely looking forward to hopefully seeing more content like this as well.

And if anyone wants to share their own, PM a moderator and we can out you in touch with the editorial staff on the project. (There may also have been a thread asking for stories a few months ago)

Hi everyone, this is Rain Noe / Hipstomp, the guy who edits these stories. It’s a lot of fun hearing them.

Unfortunately, this column will shortly be ending, as Good Ol’ Boy was one of the last who was willing to share his story with me. It seems people either don’t have any stories or aren’t willing to share them.

If you do have a story–and it doesn’t have to be an epic one like Good Ol’ Boy’s, it can be something short–please contact me at {rain} -at- Core77 (dot) com. Everyone seems to like these stories, but we cannot produce more without your input and life experiences!

Lastly I’ll say, we promise to do a thorough job anonymizing and sanitizing the content so that these stories can in no way be traced back to you. Please help us out if you can.


  • Rain

As a student I really love these stories and they are my favourite articles now too - I look out for them and then make a coffee every time before I sit down to read them!

Have I missed something here?

I thought Good Ol’ Boy was the only story running, and that you were releasing it in stages?

I have a mini one I can share, not really sure it’s worthy of the fab illustrations though!

Thanks, Rain!

I’ve been loving these articles as well, thanks Rain and those who have submitted their stories!

YES. The True ID stories are highlight of my mornings. Thank you!! :smiley:

I loved them too! I’d submit too, but I’m still in the middle of it :open_mouth: Hasn’t been one in a while, are they done for good now?