true car enthusiast

I love that style of 5 series! The E28 M5 was probably the last completely solid yet simple 5 series chassis, just like the E30 M3. Both were powerful (enough), reliable, classy and fun.

The next generation of M cars in both those chassis were almost as thrilling, more powerful and a bit more expensive to maintain, I guess that’s a decent trade-off.

My brother had an E39 M5 which was a blast to drive, the maintenance though, not so much. They’re so tough to find unmolested samples of these days.

Mike, my next door neighbor has a silver on black example with only 21,000 miles on it. I told him he really needs to just sell it to me already! He’s not too pleased, though, that Gretchen can walk away from him when we see each other out and about.

A good choice in modern wheel for it. Odd to say as that model has been around since about when that M5 came out. I’m contemplating my next automobile. 2002, e30, Alfa GTV, air-cooled 911 are all short listed along with a few Japanese cars too.