Trouble shooting LCD or Backlight: Need help

I have a 2 1/2 year old Toshiba Satelite 5000 laptop. Recently, my monitor went blank to the point where I, if I really stare hard, can see things. I’ve talked to Toshiba’s technical support, and have narrowed my problem to two issues; 1) my LCD is gone; 2) or, my backlight is gone. Which is it?

Here is what I described to the Toshiba tech’s: 1) I can barely see things on laptop my screen, but; 2) works perfectly on an external monitor; 3) the light, on the bottom of my computer, that display time and start up greetings comes on at boot-up, but only stays on for two seconds.

I sincerely appreciate your help. Thanks.


Same prob…mine was a year old. Common prob with the 15,16, and 17 inch screens. The back light is dead, you have to send it in for repair.

Toshiba will charge $2500
Best buy will be about $500-800 depending on the brand of screen they replace it with.

Toshiba will take 8-12 wks
Best Buy will take 6-8 wks

no other options unless you can find local shop willing to replace the screen.