trouble securing a job, please help!!!

I have a particular job situation and hope that some of you might be able to offer some good advice. It’s a long story but I’ll try to make it as concise as possible…

I am an ider who graduated in 02 from a good school, with a good gpa, decent portfolio and am half way through an MBA (trying to learn the business side of things). I used to live in the southeast and struggled for two years to find a design job. Meanwhile I worked in sales/cust. serv. and did some freelance to make ends meet. I got married and my spouse got a juicy job offer in southern California so I followed and moved to cali. Obviously I was excited thinking about all the opportunities available for designers in CA. So I started my job search and was immediately called for an interview to work as a temp doing admin. work for a known entertainment company in their creative/marketing department. Since they have studios where they employ designers I decided to take the job thinking it would be a good way to get my foot in the door.

I ended up working directly under one of the top officials of the company. I presented him my resume and portfolio and expressed my interest in acquiring a permanent position as a designer or anything related to their design process to keep my options open. He was impressed with everything I showed him and said he would find me something good. After speaking to other bosses he told me to expect a call from them any time soon. I also did my homework and spoke to HR directly about my intentions just to go through the official application process. At the time everyone, including my boss, seemed to be enthusiastic about it and things seemed to be moving quickly. I thought I was on my way to finally landing that first big job.

Now, here’s the bad part. It’s been more than a month since all that rush happened and everything has been pretty quiet. Haven’t heard word from anyone. Not the bosses nor HR. I contacted my boss last week asking for any feedback on my situation and he said that he was just going to “follow up”. So that short answer left me feeling a bit disappointed. It is also puzzling to me why other people haven’t shown interest in me if my boss, who is a key figure in the company, thought of me as a good candidate and referred me to the jobs.

And here’s the worst part, I just found out that my boss is leaving the company soon, which puts in jeopardy the whole process. Since my boss was my “big” reference and the one pushing a month ago for my permanence am afraid that his departure will freeze the entire process. I contacted HR once again but haven’t received word from them either. So now I’m clueless as to what’s going to happen to me. They are very secretive about their procedures so I’m not sure how deep I could dig to figure out whether or not there is a chance for me to stay.

The reason why I’m so concerned is that this is really a good company with good pay and opportunities for growth. As designers, you guys know how hard it is to
get noticed by good employers and don’t want to let this opportunity go. I’m afraid that if I don’t do something soon I will regret it for the rest of my life. However, I don’t know what to do or how to do it. I also don’t want to come across as being “too pushy” or being “desperate” for a job.

So, those of you in corporate jobs and with more experience, what would you recommend I do? What could be my next step? Should I push more or should I just let things take their own course? Should I just keep looking for another job in this tough job market?

If anyone here is a boss or has been related to HR, how would you suggest a candidate handle this situation? Is there something I am doing wrong?

Sorry for the lengthy message but I wanted to be as clear as possible. Thanks for any help!

Corporate takes time… and lots of it. Did you ever thing that there might not be an opening? Don’t worry your boss leaving. Get a written letter of recomendation from him and a contact #/email for reference. Just because he’s left doesn’t mean that no one respects him anymore… or for that matter forgets who he is.

Be patient and persistant but don’t put your eggs all in one basket. There are plenty of other good company in Southern CA. Now is a good time to apply.

your boss sucks. look for another job.

yeah I agree corporate takes time, especially if there are things going on that you don’t know about (ie why is your boss leaving?)
Also I’m sure you know this but, I hope you’ve been doing a great job as the administrator that you were originally hired for. If you start slacking off there or seem too preoccupied elsewhere you might give the wrong impression of your ‘professionalness’.

Keep your job, but KEEP on looking. I’ve been burned too many times not to know that you have to watch your own a$$ since no body else will. Even if they have the best intentions.

Good luck!

Thanks for the responses!

You’re right, corporate jobs could take time, it took my spouse over a year to grab one. However, I do have friends in the corporate world who have moved themselves pretty quickly through their processes, and sometimes good positions are taken fast. I also feel some urgency because I’m in a contract type of position and don’t want to wait to move things until it’s too late. But I see the point.

I think I have been doing a good job as an administrator. At least my boss and coworkers have pointed out several times how well I work.

Also, yes, there are open positions. My boss told me about it and they are posted in the corporate site.

Oh, and for the guest who mentioned asking for the written recommendation letter. Thank you, I hadn’t thought about that one before.

And yes, I came to the painful realization that I will have to start searching for jobs again. Ouch…

It could be politics. The corporate environment is notorious for it. Make sure your allies are the right allies.

it could be politics… OR more likely it could be nothing at all and the ol’ brush off.

get his toes out of your mouth and get up off your knees. stop putting all your chips in on this “boss.” He’s not your sole job angel.

I have this GREAT advice for you but… hold on, i’ll “follow up.”

I agree with “Guest” I would have to give you the same advice. I have been in a similar situation. It is scary. Remember to love your new wife in the process. This could also be a good time for a lot of growth in your relationship. I Know ID (coroflot) guys don’t get too sensitive when it comes to women. Your on the right track…

thanks for all the advice!
actually, things have turned around a bit. Just yesterday I was finally offered a permanent position. Just weird. I guess the key is to be patient and persistent.

ok update…
i just got fired.
i don’t know what to do…

try disneyland.

you should change your tag to: 2fast4good posts

WTF? Offered a permanent position one day then let go the next? What bastards. They’re obviously not good enough for you.

This is why I hate to work for corporations. I’ve worked freelance all my adult life and don’t really see any advantage to employeeship… what do they have to offer? a promise of a “permanent” position? With benefits? Big f’ing deal! The reality is there are no permanent positions. You are the only one responsible for your career growth, whatever your position – F/T, freelance, what have you.