Trouble registering

OK so I went and filled in the registration info, waited till I was forwarded a link on my email, hit the link, went to post using username and password, and it won’t let me post anything. Anyone else have this problem? Solutions to offer? Thanks

if you got an email, make sure you are entering your username and password as exactly listed in that email.
let us know if you are still having trouble

The update on my situation is this. I CAN NOT log in unless that’s the first thing I do. If I come in icnognito and just have a glimpse at what’s going on in the threads and then finally decide to log in to reply to a thread… no dice. Suggest fix that shite, I doubt I’m the first to have that problem, just the first to bring it to your attention.

Also how’s that Spel Chek comng? Hop hop!