Tron Lightcycle

from the new “Tron:Legacy” movie. $35K and street legal:

Awesome idea, not very practical in real-life I’d imagine- it looks really uncomfortable for any length of time. I wonder how well the hubless wheels perform? and if this will lead to another rash of hubless prototypes?

There’s a brief glance of the bike right at the end of the trailer:

I think you’ll find the Ebay link is a bit of a hoax!

I think I’m right in thinking the bike was designed by Daniel Simon.

I don’t think it’s a hoax

they’ve been getting some press for custom made batpods:

That’s hot.

I’m sure that thing goes lightspeed. Ha!

Yeah, Daniel Simon was the vehicle designer on the film.

Cool bike

Daniel Simon is awesome, but it’s a little Biomorphic/Colani-fied than I would like.

Just ran across this on coroflot
Viggo Wake - modelmaker for life size model of Light Cycle for PR for Tron Legacy