Tron Legacy

I like this new, post Ironman, more bad ass Jeff Bridges. Bad guy Jeff, where you been. The trailer looks so good, the only question is whether to see it in IMax, 3D or both…



You won. It’s just a game. … . right?!

I want that helmet.

This is bad A$$!! Can’t wait for it to come out. This will defiantly be one that the wife will just not understand. :smiley:

the wife will just not understand.

Maybe there are Cliff Notes… :wink:

Yeah maybe. She will usderstand the movie, she just will not under stand why I will geek out over it. I went nuts over the first Transformers movie because…1) you can’t beat fighting giant robots, and 2) I was a Transformer fanatic when I was a kid. she still thinks I am a nerd.

The Dude is not abiding.

That trailer is not the whole story…Check out what happened offsite at ComicCon!

How cool is that?! Amazing effort went into pulling something like that off, especially for such a limited audience.

LMAO! :smiley:

I was showing Kristina the trailer, and she said “I never saw the first one”… already added it to the netflix cue fellas, don’t worry.


Jon, you couldn’t escape by posting this blasphemy on Twitter! :wink: Just kidding, your right. The impact of the OG was amazing, nothing like that existed before. What would equal that in the modern era… adding smell?

That is pretty awesome, wish I was there… even if it was a total sausage fest. Events like that are immeasurably important, got to build the “believer base”.

I wondered how long it would take for a Lebowski quote to spring up. Re-wording a classic. Excellent choice.

The first Tron was amazing. My hope for this version is that it’s at least 1/2 as cool as the first, and that it doesn’t turn into a giant cross-promotional studio nightmare a la Transformers, GI Joe, Superman, Incredible Hulk, etc.

But I’ll definitely see it. I’m just gonna go hit a cash machine…

OK, time for me to set myself up to get torn a new one.

First I will start with the fact that I want to see Tron Legacy…but…

My reason is that I expect it to be a train wreck. I put Tron in a catagory of movies that I believe should remain untouched. 99% of its cache was how fresh and mindblowing it was for the time.

There are very few movies that in my generation that, in my opinion, have that same cache:

Star Wars Ep 4,5,6
Indiana Jones (only Raiders)
Lord of the Rings (all three)
I am sure there are a few more but escape me

Movies that many believe HAVE that cache, but when you step back and think about it, suck A$$:

Transformers that movie is horrible…I was embarassed during the whole scene when the Transformers were outside the house.
The Matrix (all three) - seriously…this movie sucks. The only redeeming factor of this movie is the now overused stop motion camera technique. Matrix 2 and 3 should never have been made.

I agree with most other that Transformers. I know I may be the only one, but other than that scene which I think was extremely hokey it still took me back to my childhood and I was like a kid on Christmas morning. Although there has been tons of these that have just dropped the ball. Dukes of Hazard which was a show that a lot of us growing up in the south watch ever episode was terrible as a movie, G.I.Joe looks like it is going to be awful and there is an A-Team movie coming out that I can’t even imagine what they are going to do with that. All the new Star wars movies might have well not have been made because they ruin the whole Star Wars story for me. But I think there has been some good ones made recently. If you look at the last Star Trek movie, the first X-men, the last two Batman movies, and I am sure there are a few others there are some good ones out there. Hopefully this will be the same. I just don’t know how they are going to bring that new technology mind blowing aspect to it.

Did you know there was 15 minutes of computer animation in the original Tron? 15 minutes! That was insane then, and wasn’t topped for many years. (Not to mention it had Lacey Underall of Caddyshack fame)

I’m with you IP. I really want to see this, but like I said, if it turns into a giant cross-promotional “product” I’ll be less likely to see it. I hated the new Transformers movies. In my mind I’m still watching the original cartoon movie where Optimus Prime dies, the kid says “Sh*t” and Hot Rod becomes Rodimus Prime.

Ok, im opening myself up to some criticism here, but am i the only one who thinks that Tron was one of the worst movies ever :laughing: dont get me wrong, it was off the charts with cool factor, but the movie itself was terrible, makes transformers look like citizen kane.

Which i liked transformers by the way, im in the same camp as PackageID on that movie i guess.

I also think the matrix trilogy was cool, and also as a whole, a better “movie”, than tron.

I am excited about tron 2, but i hate getting into this movie is better than that movie discussions, because all the movies being mentioned are all about entertaiment/action/effects/and coolness, not charachter development and depth of plot.

I also loved all the star wars episodes… star wars is george lucas’ universe not mine, if things happen in it that i don’t like i don’t go blaming him. im not gonna go comparing george to the almighty, haha, but you can see where im going with that.

ok… flame away… :wink:

I hear you… but to follow up with dziner82, the OG Tron movie was not actually that good, just supper innovative.

My biggest movie for your list IP would be Bladerunner, if some tries to make “Bladerunner Too, Extra Sharp”, I will hunt them down.

Also, dziner, please never admit the Matrix Trilogy was good. I thought I was going to fall asleep by the end of the second one, and 3 was just a waste, could have been a 15 minute epilog to the second one … I felt the same in Transformers. After 45 minutes of stuff blowing up and transforming, I’m no longer impressed. If it was edited down to 15 minutes, I probably would have loved it. It was kind of like baseball for me… the highlight real is awesome, the actual game, boring as all get out!

This is why I was psyched to see Star Trek, other than Rath of Con, the OG series was OK, never Star Wars level for me, the new one? I loved it. JJ Abrams did a great job of making essentially a buddy movie in space, I think he might have started with the screenplay for Lethal Weapon, changed the names to Spock and Kirk, and went from there, but it worked for me. Plus the effects were great, the designs were not cheese like the OG series, and Bones was spot on. I left actually looking forward to the next one! That has not happened in awhile!

OK, with that, now I’m going to really open it up, I watched the original 3 Star Wars movies (4,5,6) again for the first time in about 4 years, back to back… not that good. I STILL LOVE THEM, before you get all jumpy on me, AND, in context, design and effects are amazing, and they totally gave new meaning to the classic Space Opera, they really are Robin Hood in space type movies… but the acting is thin, SO thin! And the dialog can be awkward, thank god for Harrison Ford, who is not a great actor, but in that cast he comes of like Marlon Brando…

This takes nothing away from my pure nostalgic love for these movies as a I recite every line of “A New Hope”, but at this age, I can separate what I like from what is in fact good… that said, I am prepared to fully LOVE Tron Legacy, which might be a horrible movie.

Oh my… Well I see your point. You know how you’ve got a favorite band that no matter what they put out, good or bad, you’re going to buy the album anyway. You listen to it so many times that you start liking it. It’s not mindblowingly good, but you like it and besides… It’s your favorite band!

That’s how I feel about Star Wars. Of course the acting is terrible, but who cares! Obi Wan! Chewie! Vader! The Death Star!

Here’s my thoughts on the Matrix: 1st one 1st time I saw it, AMAZING! 2nd time, Yeah it’s a pretty cool movie. 3rd time, Why do I like this?

I agree with you on Ep 1 for Star Wars. Empire and Return were, and still are, the best two (in that order and minus 15 minutes of Ewoks). I am 100% convinced that George Lucas SUCKS as a Director. I think he is a great Pop Culture Story Writer, but he should never, ever have stepped behind the lens. He is far too myopic with respect to getting the effect right and not worried nearly enough whether or not the story flows. I mean, really, Hayden Christensen can’t be THAT bad of an actor, can he? And Mark Hamil…he was a joke in Ep 4, but was not half bad in 5 and 6.

I think what it is for most of these movies, is that there is very little anymore that pays enough attention to the story AND the effects. Indiana Jones is still the best action movie ever made. The Christian Bale Batman Movies should have been on the list and I debated Star Trek. If it wasn’t for the swollen hands scene, I would have put it in there.

I guess as I get older I want my inner child entertained AND my brain entertained.

Yea i have to admit yo, the transformers could have been dubbed down, but if that movie was 6 hours long i still would have loved it, because i simply cant get enough transformers action! :sunglasses: so ill leave it at that.

i think the matrix was just really cool to me, the plot was very interesting and the first one was really unique, and i remember the 2nd one having awesome action, then i just remember the ending battle of the 3rd one mostly, and i thought that was sweet too, so im sticking by the matrix.

I cant really think of too many movies that disappointed me in the ways that many others on here are disappointed with these sci-fi flix. i think the closest example i can think of where i was thoroughly disappointed was with the ending of contact. I guess ihave to throw ghost rider, hulk and the first punisher movie in there too, but none of them were really expected to be on matrix/star wars/transformers level.

But i guess to stay on topic, tron legacy needs to kind of mimic what abrams did with the star trek movie, take it from being a sort of nerdy cult movie to an overall good movie, which im pretty sure is the consensus on trek.

Others that are starting to come to mind on the good side of the Sci-fi/Fantasy movie list:

Iron Man
Princess Bride (probably some of the best writing ever)
Star Trek

I just saw Tron for the first time today, and it was pretty okay story-wise. Light cycles are sick.

And if we’re talking about sci-fi, has anyone here seen Moon? It’s sick. Low budget, but everything is done very well. Good acting, story, design. Not saying that it’s the greatest film of all time (I save that for Shawshank), but it was definitely well worth it.

i have heard about moon, where can i find it? is it in limited release theatres?