Trends in Medical Design

Just got commissioned to design a new medical device to be sold in CVS. Nothing really special. More or less a “me-to” product, but still, I’d like for the design to be on par with other products in the category.

What firms are doing some of the best medical design right now?

I just had a project planner from MedRad (80% market share in imaging and injectors… something too complicated for me to understand), and the interesting thing was that they don’t have any designers. Their teams are largely made up of engineers (even their innovations group). I was pretty surprised, and at the same time I wondered why there were no product designers in such a big company.

Probably no help to you, but I wanted to mention that whatever the competitors have may not be designed at all, and that could be to your advantage.

Carbon design have some great medical products. I dont know whether they designed or engineered them but either way they are sublime.

Awesome!!! Thanks for the link to Carbon Design. They have some great work. I especially like the keyboard for the Windows Vista computer.


Local to Chicago:
Design Concepts

Last time I looked into it (spring 2008):

  • visually more “consumer” – friendlier/more familiar forms, colors and such. As well as trying to bring nicer materials/surface finishes – restrained, but it is not eggshell dirty white w/ grey accents anymore either.
  • colors – a much warmer palette, especially in the hospital interiors.
  • common sense one - if it is something user has to have home, carry w/ her – there is an effort to fit its appearance into décor/lifestyle (looks capable, but not institutional?)

Really vague, I know.

farm design n.h…good stuff almost all medical

The title of this thread asks one question, the body another. That’s a pet peeve.

Anyway, as a medical device designer unfortunately I’m not at liberty to discuss either because my analysis of trends is proprietary, and my analysis of firms could alienate a valued resource!

…But I WILL watch this thread very closely! :wink:

Ah, come on, CG, just a little information??!! ha ha ha

I’m going to be doing some sketches in the next few weeks, preparing mood boards, etc. Perhaps I’ll post them up here or send them directly to you for your professional critique. I already have a few ideas but need to find out a bit more on cost.

My current internship is in the medical realm so it’s been fun learning about such a broad but less-hyped field. I would agree with the above post that medical devices are becoming slightly more consumer-esque while still conveying timelessness and ethos. EG - RKS’ recent work for Hamilton Medical.

One spot I like to check out for trends is the Medical & Scientific catagory of the IDEA awards. Its interesting to look back and compare this year to five years ago.