Trend Report

I don’t know if anyone can help me with this but it’s worth a shot. There is a trend report out there which costs hundreds of dollars. I don’t know the name of it and thought maybe any of you could help me out with this. (I’ve used it in the past ((never paid too much attention to the name)) and now the company I’m working for would like it). All I can tell you is that it’s from Europe and it has pen drawings of new shoe bottoms, lasts, toe shapes, textiles, etc. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Sure do appreciate any ideas!

Hi there
we have one here in my uni and its called the Walking book, its a prediction package.mostly womens but there is some mens and a little sports. it has colour ways materials.
im not quite sure where you can get it from. i will look into it. hope that helps.

oh yea, that sounds familiar. I found some other ones as well; The Jenkins Report and Insight. If you could find out where I could get the Walking report, that would be great! thanks. ??

they usually have a good section for shoe details

it’s a an executive summary of what’s going on in the industry - the inside scoop on major brands and trends - hence the price - it’s used by industry executives and looks like a cheaply printed plain type - it’s very good. keep looking and you will find it and the source…

Is it the Insight report?

Have you considered contacting these companies - all sell trend reports…

Thanks guys, I checked out all of the mentioned reports and I know they’re great, I’ve seen them before. The only problem is talking my boss into spending the money on them.

shoenista: i love r. d. franks book shop…so small but has everything you could possibly ask for

if its a cheap printed reports for executives you are looking for, a few investment houses (morgan stanley etc) have footwear market sopecific reports put out 3 to 5 times a quarter.

But it sounds like you may be looking for Arsarpel. they put out style giudes from their trend reserach houses. you get around eight issues a year in various fields in footwear for about $800 for 8 issues. check it here

its well worth it. much more accurate than WGSN but not as broad.

Actually they’re for myself. I think Insight and Walking are the best. WGSN is great if you can get access to it.

Jelena: yes I love Franks - they have everything I need. I love wgsn, but I run my own business, there are only two of us and I cannot afford the fee.

To be honest, it has not really made any difference to us. For colours I buy View on Colour - remember this mag is developed by the people who pass the colours onto the forecasting agencies, so it’s a good deal at £40 (about $80)

I buy L’Officiel 1000 models for kit (heel and last) and upper trends - thats out twice a year, and subscribe to many fashion magazines.

I also visit Anteprima in Milan twice a year - I can never make it to Lineapelle as I’m always in China by then, but Anteprima fits my schedule better. There is a good (free) trend presentation there.

Lineapelle sent us a big hardbacked book of trend forecasts for AW a couple of weeks ago, at no cost. Did anyone else get this, because I don’t recall them doing this before?

LineaPelle sent you the trend book??? is it any good? i went to LineaPelle and for some reason this time round i asked them if they had any kind of trend book that they were giving out and they said no!!

Yes, I’ve never see one from them before - It’s hard backed, not like the magazine they usually send.