Trend Report Services - WGSN

Hey everyone,

How many of you use a trend reporting service such as WGSN? Our design team at the company in which I work is fairly small and I like the idea of subscribing to a service that could help take some of the load off of our research needs. I am most familiar with WGSN, but am open to hearing about others. Annual subscriptions are not overly cheap, but I think could be validated if the service is beneficial.

I look forward to hearing your experiences!



Trend Hunter is another.

Stylus is another to check out, our team has a subscription and uses it frequently to get quickly up to speed on a category or situation that is new to us. These sites are pretty universal and cover a lot of stuff at a shallow depth. For something depth, you could also look into an agency that you can brief in more specifically (shameless plug), or a freelancer on a site like Upwork might be able do the same.

Thanks guys!

Love WGSN! I could spend all day browsing! Also love it when you catch their talks at trade shows! I think I prefer the webinars and video’s on Stylus though. I found the bespoke reports that Trend Hunter can create for you quite useful for more niche subjects, but did find they tend to pick up on the more conceptual products / trends rather than actual, I don’t necessarily think this is a negative, but you do see a few student projects /concepts in there (which can obviously be useful too!). I’ve heard good things about Trend Bible, and been to a couple of their talks, but haven’t actually used the paid service or reports.