Trend forecasting in Fashion, Footware, Houseware

I just recently had a meeting with our seasonal team and did an audit of all of our packaging. From this audit we noticed that there is a large disconnect not only between our brands but with seasonal trends and style. (this is especially true with our premium brands) I then suggested that we look at other products to get this inspiration.

So my question is…How do you shoe and houseware designers out there forecast your trends for the year? Is it as simple as looking at what’s out there and creating mood boards and what not or are there some journals that we can subscribe to that might give us more info? I imagine it a bit of both. any information you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

No one??? I could really use the help. I know how to do the research but I kind of don’t have a lot of time so I was wondering if there was published info out there. Just thought you footware designers would have some insights on this.




are good places to start[/url]

Thanks ID

Package: For Footwear there are a bunch of trend forecasting services (like WGSN). Block Notes is good

And NPD gives hard data:

But we have our own trend tracking teams so…

Yo thanks for the help. I only wish we had trend tracking teams. We do for the candy that goes in our packaging but not for fashion and style trends for the packaging itself. I will check all of the websites out.

Trend forecasting agencies like wgsn charge the earth for information you can find out for yourself quite easily. WGSN (AFAIK) starts at $3000 p.a. and thats for a sole trader/tiny company. I don’tbother with it anymore, Ifind that I have clients that employ me to do trends for them even though they already have WGSN - they want a different point of view.

A couple of good mags to subscribe to:

Zoom on Fashion Trends - this comes out quite late but has a round up of all the trend agency forecasts and colours, so you can make your own mind up.

View - textile view magazine has quite early and astract trend inspiration.

Online sources for trend mags.

If you really want to go for it, then visit textile fair such as Premiere Vision and leather fairs such as Lineapelle. They both have excellent trend areas and presentations.

I also look at vintage - we have good markets in london and when you start to see alot of an old thing and it suddenly looks fresh again, you know it’s coming - blogs - such as facehunter and catwalk (on

Buy a bunch of fashion magazines too, go for the more leftfield stuff,such as pop.

There you go, all my trade secrets for how to trend forecast. :laughing:

The real skill,of course is in interpreting them and selecting the trends that are gonna hit big.