Tread Design

Hey - 1st post here, just found this site.

I work for what is essentially a “fashion house” - we don’t do a lot of performance driven design in our sneakers. I took it upon myself to focus on the tread design, as it was basically ignored in the first few lines we worked on. That said, I really can’t speak to any real “science” as to why I approach the bottom unit the way I do - mostly it’s just an aesthetics thing, but as I’ve moved forward I have looked more and more at the “stick” of the tread.

I love doing it - and it’s one of the only areas where I’m given almost complete freedom to do what I want to do - so long as I hit a few branding requirements, I’m free to go.

I really don’t count my first design, but I just authorized my 4th outsole mold to be opened and the 5th is in the works and I should be seeing a wood model in a few weeks.

Welcome to the boards c-boogie.


Hope I can contribute and learn a little at the same time. :smiley:

I would argue that the sole is the most important performance feature of any athletic shoe. Many times, I’ve bought a pair of shoes with beautiful uppers and a well executed cushioning set up, only to be disappointed on the court due to the traction being sub par compared to the rest of the shoe. When the traction is good though, I feel like I can push off harder without worrying about slipping.

when I was a kid, I had these green and blue shoes that had a little car embossed on the sole. I went out of my way to stand in sand or mud so that I could see that little car. absolutely loved those shoes.

I seem to remember you could get shoes that had cat paw prints on the bottom. Almost as cool as the car…