Travelling Europe

Well I am an Aussie and will be off to backpack europe in a week, i will be visiting paris, milan, rome, stockholm, belfast, dublin and then singapore on the way back
I was wondering if anyone here has some suggestions for design oriented stuff to see while in any of these places?
Any ideas would be appreciated :smiley:

Don’t know if you’ve seen these:

thanks ed hadn’t seen those
those two links seem to cover milan and paris but any suggestions for any of the other places, also fogot to mention i am going to switzerland, around the Bernese Oberland area

hey man, trip sounds awesome. im quite jealous, i would like to eventually live on the road and backpack through europe for a bit. as far as design goes milan and paris are pretty amazing, milan especially, but paris is no puishover.

sorry i dont have any specific info but i have been to stockholm as well and there is a very large design culture there as well. the swedes are very proud of this so i think if you even looked up an official government website you’d probably be able to get some good info. it is an amazing city.

and…if your going to stockholm, well you may as well stop in copenhagen as well. especially being from australia, the danes would love you even more than they normally love tourists. copenhagen is crazy into design. everywhere you look there is some kind of design happening. the Louisiana museum right outside the city is amazing, and there are several design museums within the city that are exceptional. i lived in the city for 2 months last year and really relished in the design culture there.

have fun guy.

Stockholm- Vasa museum.