Traveling - Where to eat

I don’t know about you, but the only thing that makes traveling bearable is eating good food. I have to eat out and I’m getting reimbursed (to some extent), why not take advantage. Here’s a partial list to where I have been lately:

New Orleans
Lucy’s Retired Surfer Bar & Restaurant - Ceviche tacos
Mothers - Breakfast

Gino’s East - Chicago style pizza
Armands - Thin crust pizza
Zias - Northern Italian
Frontera Grill - Mexican
Don Juans - Mexican
Weiner Circle - Chicago style dog
Nookies - Breakfast

Los Angeles
Katsuya - Sushi
Falafel King - Falafel
Fat Burger - Vanilla shake

Frabonis - Italian sub
Lulus - Falafel

Nothing so far, not a fan of Skyline

Elsas on the Park - Club sandwich
Teds - Breakfast, chocolate malt

Nothing so far

What and where do you recommend?

San Francisco
Gracias Madre- vegan/mexican
Gratitude- raw food/vegan
Dosa- Indian
Flour and Water- Italian

St Paul
Obb’s Bar and Grill - Prime rib cheddar melt

Xoco - Mexican

Nada - Mexican
Terrys Turf Club - Massive Burgers

Thanks Sain. It looks like I’ll be in your fair city again next week Wednesday.

Hard 8 - BBQ (get the chicken wrapped in jalapeno wrapped in bacon)

McAllen, TX
Delia’s - Tamales

Jim’s Steaks - Philly steak

Smoke - American (get the lamb sliders, awesome)

Columbia, SC
Pawley’s Front Porch - Burgers

Yazoo BBQ Company - BBQ (get the brisket and kabobs)

Oak Park, IL
The Jerusalem Cafe - Falafel

I’m in Honolulu 2 days next week. Any suggestions?

Honolulu: Sam Choys (industrial area), lots of hole in the walls in Chinatown, Sasabune (sushi ‘nazi’), Side Street Inn in Kapahulu.

New Orleans: Cochon (pig-intensive menu)

You can’t go to Chicago and not try Numero Uno.

anywhere there is a Penn Station East coast subs (ironically not on the east coast, mostly midwest locations i believe) i recommend penn station, haha. philly cheese steak FTW.

Brooklyn - Fette Sau for BBQ and the cool beer tap handles

Dali (actually in Somerville) Spanish. Best for smaller groups. Try Pulpo en su Tinto. Downside: small waiting/bar area and no reservations. Upside: small waiting/bar area (you get to know the other diners quickly while everyone quaffs the house sangria).

Doyle’s (Jamaica Plain). Old place off the beaten track, not a plastic paddy tourist trap. Agreeable food and good beer. Great atmosphere and steeped in history. A favorite amongst Boston pols.

Roy’s - Seafood, excellent poke

Yard House - Lot’s o’ beer

Do not eat at Duke’s. Average at best.

San Francisco:
Mission Chinese - if you love spicy food it doesn’t get better than this. Amazing food with a no frills dining experience.

Boston -
Cragie on Main - Hands down. BEST burger I’ve had and I’ve tried a lot of burgers.
Picco - Awesome pizza. Handmade ice cream. And great beer selection. Whats not to love.

Los Angeles:
Golden State Burger: Second best burger I’ve ever had. Also the Supreme store across the street has a suspended bowl inside it.
Pizzaria Mozza- best thin crust pizza I’ve had. Owned by Mario Batali
Johnnie’s Pastrami Restaurant - If you’re in Culver City Stop by Awesome pastrami sandwich.
Roscoes - Chicken and Waffles - Even ludacris has a shout out in one of his songs to this place.

Spinasse - AMAZING pasta. If you dont mind sitting at the “bar.” I reccomend it as you can watch them handmake the pasta. One of the best overall meals I’ve ever had.
Shiros - Amazing sushi. Omakase all the way.

Fort Worth -
Lonesome Dove - I was about to lick the bowl, thats how good their Chile is. Lots of wild game dishes. Iron Chef Tim Love.

Its about time we got one of these threads!!

New Orleans

+10 Mothers - Any meal

Las Vegas:
Bouchon - Thomas Kellar Restaurant - Fantastic Breakfast/Bakery

L’Atelier De Joel Robuchon - Tasting Menu is pricey, but worth every bite

Joe’s Stone Crab- Amazing Steak and Real Key Lime Pie

+1 Shiros - actually… +20 - Still have not had better sushi to date, even in Asia. Be sure to sit at the sushi bar, there is no other way to eat there.

+1 Spinasse - Great Pasta, Cool atmosphere

Canon - Best Cocktail Bar and selection you will find, hands down in Seattle… arguably one of the best in the country.

Rob Roy - Great cocktails right down the block from Shiros (great dinner combo there)

Zig Zag Cafe - Great Cocktails

New York City:

Grimaldi’s Pizza - Best Pizza in NYC

Marie Belle - Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate! Get the Aztec sipping hot chocolate, it will change your life.

Phoenix, AZ
Stingray - Great Sushi, Modern atmosphere and good sake choices - a staple every time.

more to come…

Since Shiro’s has popped up a few times for Seattle, I’m sure it will be full of Core77 readers, so as an alternative I would suggest Sushi Kappo Tamura (or just Tamura) over on Eastlake. Very authentic, very attentive, and of course you should order the omakase.

Chicago - I really like The Gage, across from Millenium Park. The rabbit salad, oh boy.

@jacob fleisher I’m so glad to hear Dali is still around! Right when I started to be able to eat out properly I discovered Dali. House sangria yes, saffron shrimp yes, but how about one night when the owner’s friends were in town (they are Argentinian I believe) and were professional tango dancers. They cleared all the tables from the front room and let them perform after closing. Warm generous smiles and full bellies all around.

Honolulu: Yes Duke’s sucks but go for a mai tai or two and forget about all the tourists. There is a charm all its own.

Slippy: So true!
I’ve witnessed some excellent impromptu happenings at Dali as well. It is a family place, in the sense that the family is a gigantic buch of people who love good food and fun and are from all over the world. I believe the owners (husband and wife) are Russian and Spanish - or perhaps it’s Argentinian and Russian? In any case: a great place. Personal favorite product/detail at Dali: drip cups (for fat) stuck into the bottom sides of the slabs of prepared meats hanging at the bar . . .

Coeur d’Alene, Idaho (yes Idaho, my first visit, I only have Alaska, Maine and the Dakotas left to visit)

Meltz Extreme - Gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches
Best Sandwich Shack (it is literally a shack) - Philly steak, no wiz


Sway - Beautiful presentation on just about every dish.

Menu looks good.

And I am willing to spend $15 on noodles, but they better be some pretty good damn noodles though.

Bozeman Mt
Open Range: Steak, burgers

San Francisco
Hyde street seafood house and raw bar: One of the best little secrets in the city. Great seafood restaurant on one of the most classic San Francisco streets IMO.

Myconos Polk St: Greek

Yank Sing: One of the best dim sum restaurants in the city.

Mezcal: Mexican
The Fort: Steak and game

Washington DC area
Louisiana kitchen: Cajun

Anything with crab