Traveling to Europe. Whats a MUST SEE SPOT regarding design?

November 21-December 1st
Barcelona - Paris - Milan - Amsterdam

Does anyone have suggestions of “must see” spots in the cities mentioned above? I’m into architecture, cars, fashion and furniture. I know its everywhere, but which spot will I really enjoy and fulfill me on my trip.



every bit of Gaudi you can soak up

I would say Barca is the best out of your 4 there…I wasn’t to inspired by Paris, or the dam…not done Milano but you wana checkout the furni shops I guess, I’ve heard its not advisable to spend to long in Milan as there isn’t to much there…someone else might know better.

colette in paris is a pretty interesting shop I think?

Milan : “La triennale di milano” is a good place to go. full of exhibitions about art an design.

Paris : Artazart, an excellent design, art, graphism, and architecture books library