Travel pillows, because nobody likes neck ache.

Hello all, I’m looking for a good travel pillow and instead of trusting the retail algorithms I would like to read some of your experiences. Inflatables seems like a good choice since they’re collapsible and that’s no extra bulk but not sure how comfy they are. Any suggestions?

Never found a neck pillow that I particularly like better than the rest. Definitely interested to see if anyone has. I try to find one that has some sort of connector in the front and looks hearty enough to use as an against-the-wall/shoulder pillow should I go that route. My biggest piece of advice is to avoid those with the little bean bag pellets instead of foam. They’re lighter and they pack better, but they don’t offer much support and eventually the pellets will start escaping in a snowy mess.

I give the Trtl Pillow the thumbs down. Uncomfortable.

I’ve never used one, but I’ve been half way through a flight and wish I had one :slight_smile:

This was on the front page today, a travel hoodie with an inflatable neck pillow built in: A Travel Hoodie With a Built-In, Self-Inflatable Neck Pillow - Core77

Knowing which ones NOT to buy def helps a lot. At the airport I see some models at €60 when the same exact is on amazon for €15.
The pellets one looks comfy but have no structure and feels pretty dull after some minutes.

I’m kinda skeptical with these “double function” designs. Also I’m the type of guy who suddenly headbang to the front so as Jeff says, the one with some type of connector at the front seems like the good ones.

I’m always skeptical of dual function items as well, just sharing because it happened to be posted :slight_smile:

Yes! Good timing… I also felt surprised of the coincidence and I was expecting Rain to post at least a picture of his much-loved japanese pillow :frowning: